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10th English - Modal and Semi Modals

1. Choose can, can’t, could or couldn’t:  
a.    I can understand English, but I can’t / couldn’t speak it very well. 
b.    Can / Could you stand on your head? 
c.    I wanted to call Sara, but I can’t / couldn’t  remember her phone number. 
d.    Gil can’t / couldn’t  start his car this morning so he took a bus to work. 
2. Complete the sentences with the correct form of be able to (positive or negative):  
a.    We made a mistake. Luckily, we        -------     fix it. 
b.    Aunt Dorit took a taxi to our house. We        --------       meet her at the airport. 
c.    The door was locked. I                             open it. 
d.    Dana has lost her voice. She                                 sing tonight. 
3. Choose the correct form:  
a.    I’m sorry. I        ------           organize the class party next week. 
b.    You                          stay with me. I can wait by myself. 
c.    You                          steal. It’s wrong. 
d.    Yesterday, I                                  tidy my room. It was a big mess. 
e.    That’s a great poster. You                         hang it on the wall. 
f.    It’s early. The shops                               be open yet. 
g.    I am very busy today. I                                have time to see you. 
4. Choose the correct answer:  
a.    Would / May I have some more lemonade, please? 
b.    Could / May you tell me how to get to the police station, please? 
c.    Would / May I visit my friend this afternoon? 
d.    Would / May you like to go to the party with me? 
5. Choose the correct answer:  
a.    Would / May / Must you help me to clean up the garden, please? 
b.    The test is going to be difficult. The students might / will have to / don’t have to study hard for it. 
c.    You aren’t able to / mustn’t / don’t have to cross the road when there is a red light. 
d.    You must / may / might always listen to the lifeguard. 
e.    When Lisa was younger she will be able to / was able to / have to run 10 km. 
f.    Benjamin’s hair is so long. I think he would / should / have to cut it. 
g.    The children might not / shouldn’t / wouldn’t watch so much television. 

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