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10th English - Half Yearly Exam 2022 - 2023 - Syllabus Download

Month Poetry Supplementary Vocabulary Language
A Reader Functions/

“ye” Skills

June 1 His First Flight Parts of Speech  - (Reframing sentences)
2 Lifex Modal Verbs Advertisement

3 The Tempest Active and Report Writing Passive Voice

4 ONTHLY TEST (June portion)

July 1 | TheNightthe Slang expressions Ghost Got in

2 The Grumble Plurals Articles Passage Family Comprehension

3 Zigzag Prepositional Speech writing Phrases

4 | (FIRST MID TERM TEST (June, July portions) / MONTHLY TEST (July portion)

Aug 1 | Empowered Idioms and Letter writing Women Phrases (order and
Navigating the complaint) World

2 lam Every Phrasal Verbs Hints Woman Development

3 The Story of Tenses Non-Verbal Mulan Interpretation Slogan writing
(Frame Slogans for the Products)

4 | (MONTHLY TEST (August Portion) 

Sep 1 [TheAttic Compound Words 2 The Ant and the | The Aged Mother| Affixes Conjunctions Notice Writing Cricket Nominalisation | Article Writing Phrases and Clauses

3-4] QQUARTERLY EXAMINATION (June to September portions)

Oct 1 | Tech Bloomers Abbreviations, Acronyms and Contractions

2 The Secret of Pronouns e-mail writing the Machines x

3 A day in 2889 of Reported speech] Dialogue writing an American Journalist

4 | MONTHLY TEST(October portion)

Mont Poetry Supplementary Vocabulary Language Reader Functions/ Skills

Nov 1 | The Last Phrasal Verbs Road Map  Lesson {Idiomatic phrases directions

2 No men Are The Little Hero of Subject Verb Poem Foreign Holland agreement Comprehension

Non-Finite Verbs | Poster making Letter writing (Formal)

3 |(SECOND MID TERM TEST (October, November 1, 2 week portions)

4 | The Dying Homophones Detective
ONTHLY TEST(November portion)

Dec 1 The House on Pamphlet Elm Street Making
2 A Dilemma Simple, Complex, | Letter writing Compound (Inquiry) Sentences
3-4] HALF YEARLY EXAMINATION (Full portions)

FIRST REVISION TEST (June to September portions) 

SECOND REVISION TEST (October to December portions) 





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