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9th English - Half Yearly Exam 2022 - 2023 - Syllabus Download

Poetry Supplementary Vocabulary Language Skills - Reader

June Learning the Homophones  - Game Homonyms

Prefix and Suffixes


* Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
The Envious Prepositions | Letter Writing - Neighbour Prepositional | Dialogue completion Verbs

July 1 | |Can’t Climb Trees Contractions Picture description Any More

2 A Poison Tree Degrees of Comparison

3 The Fun They Had Letter writing

4 ( FIRST MID TERM TEST (June, July portions 

Aug. 1 | Old Man River Parts of Speech

2 On Killing A Clauses & Dialogue writing

Tree Phrases Letter writing  Prepositional | Poster making Phrases
Non-Finite Verbs

4 ( AUGUST MONTHLY TEST (August portion - Earthquake
3-4 C QUARTERLY EXAMINATION (June to September portions}

Oct. 1 | Seventeen Oranges Phrasal Verbs

2 The Spider and Auxiliary Verbs the Fly

3 The Cat and the Diary Entry Painkiller Article Writing

4 (OCTOBER MONTHLY TEST (October portion)

Water - The Felix of Life

The River

3 {SECOND MID TERM TEST (October, November 1, 2nd week portions)

4 Little Cyclone: Speech writing

The Story of a Grizzly Cub
Dect-2] | | Tenses

HALF YEARLY EXAMINATION (June to December portions







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